Big Data and Analytics

The interoperability of technologies, architecture, and data have always existed. The difference today for the digital enterprise is the scale and pace at which these things must be addressed in order to remain competitive and relevant to their customers. There is a need to mobilize and manage data for consumption—to draw meaning out of the data and drive analytics outcomes and business insights.

EnvisioDevs brings together opportunities presented by new big data sets and helps to channel this data ensuring to stay one step ahead. It allows enterprises to move, manage and mobilize an ever-increasing amount of data across the organization for consumption by people and things.
You can take control of Big Data and transform your information landscape in a way that delivers continual value and where the information is managed based on the value it delivers.

Our specific solutions on Big Data includes:

Data Discovery- Data Discovery includes 4 steps of Finding, Exploring, Transforming and Discovering the Data. The methodology is followed by leveraging a variety of Big Data Technologies to facilitate rapid discoveries enabling enterprises to reach meaningful conclusions thus reducing the time to market.

Analytics Discovery- Creating a thorough work plan touching upon all essential business functionalities and finding answers to the “Why” and “What” from the available data. This is done to gain knowledge through various types of analysis for situational awareness, discover pattern and trends, and make predictions.

Data Management and Integration- Implementing Data Security measures to protect a customer’s data from unauthorized access, viewing, modifications or deletions whether accidental or malicious.

Big Data Analytics and Visualization- Presenting the meaningful data visually, to get a grasp on the difficult concepts or identify new patterns. An interactive visualization by using technology to drill down into charts and graphs for more detail.

These solutions in turn drive the quality and completeness of data to further improve future analysis. EnvisioDevs feet-on-the-ground big data and analytics SAs have deep experience working hand-in-hand with companies on successful implementations, translating the difficult and confusing into the practical and achievable.