Rinse N Spin Case Study

Customer Profile

Rinse N Spin is a major laundry service provider with over 5 branches all over Mumbai, India. The organization assures the best in the garment handling and delivering excellent laundry service using the latest dry cleaning and eco-friendly chemicals to restore the freshness and longevity of clothes. It caters to all individuals and professionals unfolding freshness in every wear.

The Challenge

This company required to host Paper trading application on cloud. The application would be used by the employees and users to create a seamless process of laundry booking and delivery.

The Solution

EnvisioDevs conducted an exhaustive study of the existing system and charted out a roadmap to design an application.

The team analyzed that the Paper based methodology is an internally used technique using which Employees book and deliver the order. Application has been developed by which is expected to be used by Employees and Users to:
To give instant access of the location and routes via GPS.
The Employees can generate invoices from multiple stores having restrictive access keeping user data private and secured.
The application was released for employee and users to give real time updates about the laundry.

The Benefits

1. The end users were able to elucidate the problems of missing laundry, delivery to incorrect locations and updated status of the booked laundry.
2. The application mitigated the chances of misplaced laundry or incorrect delivery because of the meta data like images, attributes collected by the employee while pickup.

Tech Stack

1. Laravel PHP Framework


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