Thite Valuers Case Study

Customer Profile

A valuation company providing valuation and chartered engineering services to all major Public Sector banks, private banks, NBFCs, co-operative banks etc. rated by CRISIL as the company with high performance capability across India. The Company has a mobile application handling 5 lakh documents in a searchable format. The organisation is involved in stage wise valuation of projects wherein they ensure the viability of the project including technical as well as financial feasibility by studying technical aspects of the project and its financials.

The Challenge

This company required a document workflow to be designed to allow dynamic roles and permissions allocation.

They were looking to maintain document versioning and tracking the changes throughout the application. Their key concerns included:

  • Generating of documents dynamically along with the formatting options as requested by the bank.
  • Appropriate Security during the authorization of the documents to avoid any threats throughout the application.
  • Cost optimization & cost conscious application management.
  • High availability of mobile application with 99.9% availability.

The Solution

EnvisioDevs conducted an exhaustive study of the existing system and charted out a roadmap of designing and developing the application and defined a strategy to overcome these challenges:

  • Designing the application with the database explicit of the bindings to the applications intended workflow.
  • Searching across the documents with a scalable architecture and relational structure of the database made it faster and easier.
  • PostgreSQL was used to support partial and full text search.

The Benefits

1. Better availability: A marked change in the number of clients served concurrently.
2. Improved Performance: The application performance was improved giving the company the freedom to valuate and ensure the viabilities, thereby providing them greater agility and easier search.

Tech Stack

  1. Anguar JS
  2. PostgreSQL


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